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  • Driving Safety: Guidelines for safe driving practices, including the use of seat belts and adherence to speed limits.

  • Permit to Work: Procedures for obtaining authorization before starting work on equipment or in hazardous areas.

  • Control of Work: Ensuring that work activities are planned, controlled, and executed safely.

  • Working at Height: Procedures and precautions for working at elevated locations, such as platforms or scaffolding.

  • Confined Spaces: Safety measures for working in confined or enclosed spaces.

  • Process Safety: Measures to ensure the safe operation of equipment and processes, including the handling of hazardous materials.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Requirements for using appropriate PPE based on job tasks and environmental conditions.

  • Driving and Road Safety: Guidelines for safe driving practices, including vehicle maintenance, fatigue management, and defensive driving techniques.

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