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Rooted in Muhammed Saleem's 1960s legacy, SPL, founded by his successors, excels in optimizing supply chains. Guided by principles of efficiency, value, and reliability, it delivers top-tier logistics solutions.


Logistics experts with 15+ years at global giants like Shell, BP, and Rotterdam Port.

Consultancy for all your cargo needs. Solid, Liquid, Bulk, Containerized

Become a preferred partner in supply chain logistics to exceed customer expectations every time.


Provide transportation expertise through skilled personnel, top industry standards, and strong client relationships.


Your business needs timely delivery. Our experienced team offers customized logistics solutions.


We have creative solutions for your shipment, including full truckload services, lowboys, and step trucks, to help your freight get from A to B on time.


If you do not have a full truck’s worth of freight, GL can help as a 3PL to coordinate a partial truckload to get your shipment where it needs to go.


Less than truck load for smaller quantities that may be combined to save on costs.


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