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At Southport, we provide outstanding fleet services for comprehensive full life-cycle management. Our unparalleled skill and cooperative method remove the trouble and cost of dealing with multiple vendors, guaranteeing remarkable performance and success

  • BEDFORD TRUCK Traditional and colorful, used for general cargo transportation.

  • HINO TRUCK Modern and durable, used for long-distance transportation of various goods.

  • ISUZU TRUCK Reliable and efficient, used for medium to heavy-duty transport.

  • SUZUKI PICKUP TRUCK Small and versatile, used for intra-city transport and deliveries.

  • OIL TANKER Specialized for transporting fuel and other liquids.

  • DUMP TRUCK Used in construction and mining for transporting loose materials.

  • FLATBED TRAILER Open trailer with no sides, used for transporting oversized goods.

  • STEP DECK (Single-Drop Deck) Trailer Lower deck height, used for transporting taller loads without height issues.

  • LOW BOY (Double-Drop Deck) Trailer Very low deck height, used for transporting heavy and oversized equipment.

  • DOUBLE DROP with Detachable Deck (Gooseneck) Trailer Features a detachable deck for easier loading of heavy equipment.

  • DRY VANS or Enclosed Box Trailer Enclosed trailer for transporting goods that need protection from elements.

  • STRETCH FLATBED TRAILER Adjustable length, used for transporting very long items.

  • STRETCH SINGLE-DROP DECK TRAILER Adjustable length with a lower deck, for tall and long loads.

  • STRETCH DOUBLE-DROP DECK TRAILER Adjustable length with very low deck, for oversized and long equipment.

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